How to create custom events ? For example like poking

Hi all,
I would like to know how can we add custom conference events the right way in jitsi-meet, do i need to edit lib-jitsi-meet ? and use that updated lib in jitsi-meet ?. please guide me, let me know if my approach is right and if i would need to change any lib, for example do i need to have changes at server configs or add there too ! .

I personally use conference.setLocalParticipantProperty(ā€˜personIdIamPokingā€™, JSON.stringify(id));

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Thanks alot @AymericG . This is much better than creating your own !

So as i was working with it, i can see data being updated at remote participant but my local copy dosnt reflect the same, an idea why that would be or am i missing a step to update local participant list ?
Any help would be much appreciated !

The bridge channel supports an EndpointMessage which allows endpoints to send any payload they want to another endpoint or broadcasted to the entire conference.

You need to maintain the local user properties manually in a separate object.