How to create custom event to send data to server?

Hi! I’m new to jitsi. I want to send data when button clicks. I have hosted my own server.

Welcome to Jitsi @Doston_Oripjonov

I’m fairly new to React so I included a custom JS script to do the same. But this is the best what I did so far:
Follow the steps:

  1. Add the specific button (if you want to add a new button) using React UI.
  2. Add the onclick function on the button.
  3. Add an id to the button(class would be fine as long as it unique).
  4. Include a custom JS in the index.html file which is inside the jits-meet folder.
  5. Add an event listener to the specific id you have added.
  6. The JS function will be triggered on an onclick event.
  7. You can write your own logic for serving the host server.

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding!!