How to create a survey?

Does Jitsi offer an option to do a survey with attendees of a Jitsi meeting?

There is no such feature at the moment.

Actually I have done it , not survey but voting. But it is same thing.
See screenshot below. PM me if you need more details.

@kkd This is nice. Can you share how you did this publicly, so perhaps others can contribute (and maybe even offer improvements, if necessary)?

My users login in to a separate urls and are authenticated there. I use jwt.
Some users have voting rights and some not ( so both join conference from different urls).
I can control their interface with interface-config.
Added additional buttons which populates ( iframe windows) for them based on their logins. They can submit votes which are recorded in database,

I was actually more curious about the voting mechanism itself. How did you set that up? Any chance you can do a detailed post?

Btw, I saw your post on hiding non-video participants. I will respond there now.

I will make a detailed post asap.

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This is how the Voting is implemented.

  1. I have Jitsi installed on one server ( Say JMS Server)
  2. I have another server where users login (Lets say AppServer).
  3. Users are stored in database, in same database their is a table for recording votes.
  4. there is a webpage on Appserver which has voting routine.

JMS server customization: Add a button next to chat, on clicking this button, a blank window opens ( similar to chat), but this this window can show another page in iframe ( voting page from application server). This customization was done by @maxired , I will make this code public and share the link.

Users login from AppServer which shows Jitsi in iframe ( using jwt).
And there is a voting iframe within Jitsi iframe.

Ofcourse voting/survey code will depend on individual needs, direct access to this voting needs to be controlled (for security).
It is better if voting page can be on JMS server to avoid some issues like session management for iframe etc ( or direct page needs to be shown instead of Iframe)
Let me know if you need any more details.

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Thanks @kkd

Yes, I agree with you - it’s better to have the voting element running on the JMS server.

here is code, to add buttons and how to show iframe etc.