How to create a room where none of the participants is moderator?

I’m using Jitsi Iframe on a React.js app, I want to create meeting rooms where none of the participants is moderator and by doing that, the application would have the functionality of a moderator, creating the room and closing it on determinated time. Is it possible with Iframe or with any self hosting method?


If you give more details on what you are trying to achieve, the community might be able to help you with a more concrete suggestion. In the meantime, there are a few things worth noting.

When you think about the solution, it is useful to distinguish and understand the different concepts at play here:

  1. room creation and lifespan of the room
  2. who can join a room
  3. user roles (“moderators” can have more control over the room e.g. to set passwords, kick/mute others, etc, while others cannot)

Room creation – in Jitsi, you do not explicitly create or destroy rooms. The first person to request to join a specific room will trigger the room creation, and the room is automatically deleted after the last person left. There are mechanisms however to control which rooms users can join (e.g. room attribute on JWT auth) and plugins that can make calls to your custom API to check if a room is allowed to start and how long it can run for (see reservation plugin).

Who can join – by default anyone can join any room unless you add some form of authentication e.g. Secure Domain or JWT auth. You could also have setup where authenticated users get specific roles while guest users (unauthenticated) has no special rights.

Roles – Moderators have some control over the call within a room, but cannot influence what rooms can be created or who can join (although they can set password and enable lobby to gatekeep rooms they are in). In a default install, the first person to join a room will be made moderator and everyone else that follows will be guests. There are plugins you can enable to make everyone moderators (which is what is applied on or you can set it up so only selected authenticated users become moderators. This is often tied to how you set up auth, e.g. if you use JWT auth, then the plugins emrah mentioned above will give you finer control over who becomes moderator and what features they have access to.

There are many other dimensions and customisations afforded by Jitsi, but this should hopefully serve as a sufficient start for you to shape your requirements.

how can i use it with Iframe?

I have an application with JavaScript React component to create a jitsi conference room, using the iframe example provided here and using the domain because latelly I’m pretending to pay for it. On my application context, there are two kinds of user, one of them is selling knowledge through this video conference created by Jitsi Iframe and the other one is buying, what I want is to give my app the control over a scheduled conference beggining and ending and for how long that room will be open

jwt option