[How to] create a private conference using lib-jitsi-meet server and nodejs?

Good morning, I use ib-jitsi-meet on client side(react), also I need to create a private (secure) conference, what should I do to do this? I’m using nodejs server and as far as I understood I need to create jwt token on server side but it doesn’t work. Also, is it possible to test a private conference on a local host?

Can you explain what you did and what the result was?

Now I tested it without server, I created JWT token via JWT and passed it to JitsiMeetJS.Jitsi Connection(null, token) then I got error - connection.passwordRequired. Also I used this tutorial for that. My main goal is to create a conference and only participants who have received this token can connect to it.

Can you try it with HS256 algorithm and with a token from jitok?

this didn’t help me, i think i made a mistake somewhere in Jitsi connection options or during token creation, also i just use lib-jitsi-meet without setting other things

How is your server configured?

unfortunately nothing and I understand this is the main problem, I have to install it and change the configuration