How to create a permanent private pwd protected room

I have spent many hours now trying to find a way to create one room that is used time and time again. The room needs to be pwd protected. I also need to be able to assign a new specific temporary pwd to each room as per the pwd sent to students 1 day before the class. We do a cooking class Is there a way to do this without making my pc a server using UBUNTU or other similar apps?

if you use a public, free server you can’t create a private room.

A log in account does not permit the creation of one single room a persistent room with a password known only to the invitees?

All I can find is create your own virtual server like using UBUTUN or others then yo can have a persistent room. Is this truly the only way to have a persistent room?

Refer to the documentation:

It appears is created for individual one time meetings. I need a permanaent persistent room pwd protedcted. I moved on to Zoom! This question is not solved.

I have the same problem - did you find a solution?