How to correlate Transcription file with room name?


I’ve successfully got audio transcribing via Jigasi and Google Speech API. I can see in the logs that the final file is correctly written to /var/lib/jigasi/transcripts/TIMESTAMP/transcript_TIMESTAMP.txt . I’m trying to see if there’s a way to customize the output filename per meeting - I want to be able to send the participants of a meeting a transcript, but don’t necessarily want everything publicly available and I’ve found no way to know which transcript correlates with which meeting except for reading the first line of each transcript that records which room it’s for. Also, if anyone has figured out how to let Jetty serve those files as static files for download afterwards, that would also be super helpful.


Any progress? I have the same requirement.

I just found a workaround.

Since in the transcript file, the first line includes the room name (e.g: Transcript of conference held at Jun 25, 2020 in room roomName@conference.domain.example), I can just use one of the scripts in org.jitsi.jigasi.transcription.SCRIPTS_TO_EXECUTE_LIST to rename the file.