How to correctly ask audio and video permission for iPhone|iPod|iPad platforms?

In the prejoin screen, I modify the asking of audio permissions. Currently, This is how I implement the asking of browser audio permission.

Since navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(options) is not working on the iPhone platform, so I added a condition using navigator.getUserMedia()

Please see attached code snippet.

Is there any other correct and efficient way on how to implement a conditional statement on asking these permission?

I have a condition

 const options = {
        audio: true,

    const { updateDevicePermission } = this;

    // navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia = for platforms using iPhone|iPod|iPad
    // navigator.mediaDevices = for the rest other platforms

    if (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia !== null) {
            function () {
                console.log("Permission accepted!");

            function (err) {
    } else if (navigator.mediaDevices != undefined) {
            .then(function (stream) {
                console.log("Permission accepted!");

    } else {
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On any browser running on iOS devices the volumen level for each participant is not working. This is not only happening at UI level, the volumen down/up at code level isn’t working either.

I came across this issue by implementing a translation service and is working perfect for non iOS devices.

Do you think is related?