How to copy and distribute all setings between users


Hi All,

Ive tunned up Jitisi by changing a lot of settings / plugins config

Can you please advise if there is any way to distribute the same settings (between Windows’ client) to all users in my org (instread configuring everythng manually on every workstation…)

I’ve checked %appdata%\jitsi folder but coudnt find any config file there, also coundt find backup/restore option in Jitsi itself

Id love to start using Jitsi in my company but without such option which will make distribution easier I will not be possible (to many PCs…) thus Id very appreciate your help here / any tips etc

Thanks in advance!


Anyone knows ?
Appreciate any tips


This can happen by configuring a provisioning URL, so every client will download some default configs from that provisioning.
There is more information on the subject in the archive, how you can deploy in such environment using msi and pre-configuring the clients to use the provisioning script.
Checkout for example: