How to connect to the conference page without reloading?

on-network switch, I see force-reload is been called and the page is been getting reloaded can we achieve this without reload?

@damencho @jallamsetty

these are my findings…

the reloading is not happening, as force-reload is set to false, and supports restart by terminate is set to true.
but the remote participant’s video is been displayed after 57 sec.
as I see that ping response time is taking 57 sec!!

is it possible to reduce the ping response time to 10 sec from the server?
so that video of the remote participant is displayed quickly instead of waiting for 57 sec?

IIRC this is a hardcoded setting in BOSH, it can’t be changed. You can switch to xmpp websockets and change the time. Jitsi uses 60 seconds also for xmpp websockets, but you can change that in your prosody config (smacks_hibernation_time).

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@Freddie since WebSockets don’t support mobile we are going with HTTP bind is there any other workaround for it? without reloading?

and Why on network switch it’s taking that much time?
normal ping response is coming within 10 to 14 sec.
it’s taking time only on the network switch is that a bug?

Again, it’s a BOSH specification - just the way BOSH is built. BOSH is more resilient to network changes in mobile, but websocket is faster. I know work is being done to allow mobile devices to work properly with websocket, but I’m not sure it’s ready yet.