How to connect jtsi desktop with local server visio jitsi

every days i receive invitation from teams , to assist conference via jisti server installed in local network,
i have installed jitsi desktop to features how i can config jitsi desktop with this server and add link invitation in my jitsi desktop.


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I think you’re saying you want to join a Jitsi video conferencing meeting. If so, you have the wrong application. What you need to download is the Jitsi Electron App. You can download it from here:

Or just use your browser …

thansk i’ll check and come back to you

thanks its ok
other question, if i can save the visioconference and what i can do for enhace interface to have more options like to authorize peaple who have joined the link of visio…like microsoft meeting
the server is not in my side.


There are options like recording/streaming, lobby, password. It all depends on how is your deployment configured. If you are self hosting you need to configure and install a pool of jibris so you can record meetings. For lobby and password check options under security button in the menu