How to connect Jitsi to Scheduled YouTube Live Stream?

I see how to connect to a current live stream by adding the key but how about scheduled streams?

Hey and welcome.
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Can you try on when you try to live stream, do you see the scheduled events there?

Can’t see it there, no :frowning:

Hum, I just created a scheduled event and I see it when I try to stream using
I was not seeing it till I configure that this event will use a key ‘Single-use stream key’ or ‘Reusable stream key’.
And maybe select Custom Encoder…

Before that you need to select that this is not a Hangouts Event but a custom one.

Where do I set this? And which one should I choose single or reusable?

I don’t think single or reusable matters, any way you will have a key or the youtube API will show you the stream to choose.

Ok so this is not available in the new studio FYI. In the old studio I finally found this page this is what I can see: So what next?

After you create the event that way you either use the key or use the UI to stream with it.

I don’t understand what you’re saying

Then, I’m also not sure what you are asking?

You asked how you can stream to a scheduled event. And my answer is it is no different than normal events, both have keys and both are shown in the UI to choose events from:

I see now, thanks for the screenshot. I had to start the jitsi meet link.