How to connect jitsi meet desktop client to a personal jitsi server?

I am able to join and host jitsi room on a personal jitsi server via brave browser.
for example, i just need to enter “
I have downloaded jitsi meet desktop client ( windows 7), but i have no idea at all where to enter the above url to login to the room on private jitsi server setup by a friend.

Can anybody help ?


Enter the full URL in the room name box.

where is the room name box ? i see no such thing

there is only sip, xmpp, google talk,…etc

Ah, you downloaded the wrong client. Here’s what you need -

From GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by

This jitsi is the ported version of webbrowser ? it has got some bud. I pasted in my username and password : it kepts saying incorrect.
HOWEVER, when i login using the same user and password in brave browser, this ported jitsi log in immediately (even when i didn’t press anything on it).
If i need to login in browser in order to use this ported app, it won’t be useful.

The reason why i want to use software gui instead of using browser… it is because browser sometime might lag…