How to configure tow or more jibri instances correctly?

I have set up both jitsi and jibri instances in the same virtual machine. It is working fine. So now I need to add another jibri instance that is running separately to jitsi server( which has another domain( and IP address. Can someone help me to change the configuration files correctly to connect this second jibri instance to work it correctly?

Do I need to add the following line for both domains?

--- internal muc component, meant to enable pools of jibri and jigasi clients
Component "" "muc"
modules_enabled = {
storage = "internal"
muc_room_cache_size = 1000
VirtualHost ""
modules_enabled = {
authentication = "internal_plain"

And also do I need to add this line for both domains.

If I have a different domain for the second instance as I told above ( how can I add hidden domain for the second jibri instance.

hiddenDomain: '',

And I need to know some facts about following code segment.

"recording_directory": "/recordings",
"finalize_recording_script_path": "",
"xmpp_server_hosts": [
"xmpp_domain": "",
"control_login": {
"domain": "",
"username": "jibri",
"password": "Jibr1P@ssw0rd"
"control_muc": {
"domain": "",
"room_name": "JibriBrewery",
"nickname": "jibri"
"call_login": {
"domain": "",
"username": "recorder",
"password": "Rec0rderP@ssw0rd"

for xmpp_server_hosts and xmpp_domain I should put jitsi server domain or my second jibri instance domain.

I search a lot to find out a reference to this but I could not. Can someone help me to configure this correctly?

This should help…

In short…the second jibri’s config is almost same as the first, except the name and ID’s…

So if you have a running jibri…you may do exact same config changes on the other jibri*…