How to configure the Android project after the server is deployed on the LAN

Hello, I am a developer from China. I deployed the Jitsi server on the LAN, but the Android project can’t join the room after filling in the LAN IP of the server, but the Chrome browser does not trust the certificate, but after manual confirmation. It is possible to enter the room. How can I modify the Android code to use it normally? Is it a certificate issue?

Yes, mobile cannot join without having a valid certificate. You can always install let’s encrypt certificate and use it that way.

Thank you for your reply, but my environment is LAN, so there is no domain name, only the IP address of the server. When I finally fill in the domain name when deploying the Jistis server, I enter a LAN IP address (, but Lets Encrypt does not support issuing SSL certificates to IP addresses. How can I solve this problem? I look forward to your reply, thank you!

To use let’s encrypt you need public address and a dns which rsolves to that address, it is a let’s encrypt requirement and there is no way around it.

Since my LAN can’t connect to the Internet, I can’t provide a public network address. Can I achieve this by modifying the Android code? Thank you very much!


Hi,bro, I have the same problem.I also deployed Jitsi meet server on the LAN. It works on the brower, but on Android app, also can’t connect to the internet. So have you fixed it?