How to configure static TURN server correctly?

The documentation states:

One way to configure TURN support in meet with a static configuration. You can simply fill out the p2p.stunServers option with appropriate values, e.g.:

    { urls: 'turn:turn.example.com1', credential: 'user', password: 'pass' },

I’m sure, my TURN server is working well:

I configured that as described:

The TURN server configuration somehow arrives in the webapp, at least it is traced w/o complains:

However, later the webapp complains a lot and the connection cannot be established:

OK, the documentation is outdated:

I suppose the iceServerConfig definition has changed meanwhile. The latest version here RTCConfiguration.iceServers - Web APIs | MDN says, that the proper configuration would be

username: "",
credential: "webrtcdemo"

and not as documented:

credential: "",
password: "webrtcdemo"

Applying the proper config in config.js makes TURN work :slight_smile:

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