How to configure reservation rest API

How to configure reservation rest API
I added to jicofo/, but now I don’t know to which port should I send the HTTP request.
It seems not worked.
Please help me to guide this config.

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I have the same question.

I am guessing jitsi does not have a reservation system, correct?
Any recommendations for open source reservation system to integrate with jitsi ?

have you had any answer dear ?

I have the same question, which has not been answered.

Simply, adding “” in “/etc/jitsi/jicofo/” doesn’t seem to be enough.

✓ After restarting, looking at “/var/log/jitsi/jicofo.log”, I can see the message: “ REST reservation API will use base URL:

✓ Later, when a room is created, the same log shows:
“ Sending post: {name=test,, start_time=2020-06-24T18:15:02.615Z, duration=-1}”.

⨉ Followed by “ Unexpected character (<) at position 0.”

?So the question asked remains. The file is not complete. Specially, what port is the reservation system listening on? Are there there other steps?

More help here: Jocofo Reservation rest API error

So any idea how to configure reservation and how to use it?

I never implemented this, but my understanding is:

Step 1 - develop (code) a reservation system according to the specifications provided

Step 2 - set the that points to the system in step 1

Step 3 - enjoy

looks like the reservation system has been removed from jicofo. @damencho wrote this can be done in a prosody module. Does anyone know which module? I wasn’t able to find it.


it has been removed from jicofo and re-implemented as a prosody plugin (lua module)

for the prosody plugin see this : Reservation System setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook

if you have an old system / fork and want to see the original jicofo code you can find the old MD here : jicofo/ at 84952772f72d8a3fecc68f6ec8c1a91e6040b866 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

I am using it with secure domain - however am finding that I get the generic “oops, something went wrong and we couldn’t connect to the conference: connection.GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR” error message rather than the message i specify in the error json when sending back a 403 … strangely if my session has held a successful auth from previous connection I do get the custom error message via an orange warning notification.

there is a stale bug for this in github ( Rest Reservation API return Code not being handled properly · Issue #6709 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub ) going back to the jicofo implementation - I need to test it on a vanilla install + secure domain on the prosody version

Having now tested the reservation module on a vanilla jitsi-meet install ( jitsi-meet 2.0.5963-1, jicofo 1.0-756-1 , jitsi-videobridge2 2.1-508-gb24f756c-1 , prosody 1.0.5056-1 ) I have the following findings…

Using no / anonymous auth the plugin is working and giving nice orange failure messages when expected.

However when using xmpp auth (secure domain) the auth dialogue just hangs on ‘Obtaining session-id…’ when I return a failure (403 + message) from my reservation API.

I want to use this to lock specific authenticated users ( reservationAPI:mail_owner ) to specific rooms ( reservationAPI:name ) and either way need to continue to use secure domain.
While this does functionally achieve that - it would be better for the end user to actually be told the reason their auth is failing rather than just hanging.

I guess it’s just a case of the auth dialogue not handling the reservation system failure - as I can see the custom message coming back in the IQ / bosh reply to the client / browser.

any pointers welcome ( @damencho / @Pawel_Domas )