How to configure my google calendar?

hello everyone, how can I configure my private server for google calendar? at the moment of doing an event it gives me two options, one is meet and the other is jitsi, but the jitsi option takes me to the public jitsi meet server.

How can I achieve that when creating a new event, the option of my private jitsi server is generated.

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That one (Add a Jitsi Meeting) is coming from here:, you can create your own extension and submit it to Google extension store …

You can add Jitsi Meet next to the Google Meet option using this for which you need to submit new calendar addon.

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@damencho Is it possible to disable or hide the box when it is scheduled?

If you are talking about the extension, it does not show the button when a meeting is scheduled.

I understand, but first, at the time the meeting is scheduled?

Then, I do not get what you mean, sorry.