How to configure LDAP for both Host and Guest?

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I have successfully installed this Jitsi application on my own server.
Thanks to the whole team of Jitsi developers, You’re Great!

At the moment I have successfully configured ldap to follow the following guidelines:

There are some issues that I want to ask,

  1. According to the guidelines above, I want to do LDAP settings for both users namely Host and Guest,
    if I make a guest become LDAP, so I just change it to authentication from “anonymous” to “ldap2”, ( authentication = "ldap2" )
    if I do this, Host and Guest will have the same role as Moderators. I do not want this.
    I want only one of them, the Host who is the Moderator using LDAP, and another users i think this is Guest login LDAP also but not as a Moderator, How is the configuration?

  2. In the second case, I want to configure the LDAP for a Guest account and a Guest account that is not an LDAP, meaning using a database from internal prosody,
    How is the configuration so that I can do that?


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it is a good feature request!

I also need it -> WIKI: LDAP Authentication - #40 by Dominion0815

I’ve never tried it before, and I get your point but I’d guess you just need to change the authentication type of your guest domain at Prosody from “anonymous” to “cyrus” and copy the rest of lines related to cyrus sasl auth from “main domain” into “guest.*”.

As your UI is already configured to make guests behave as guests, if it doesn’t go nuts, a popup login screen should appear and they would join guest domain as authenticated users.

Please, tell me if that worked :slight_smile:


yeah but then every student has moderator rights ;(