How to configure dropbox intergration correctly to store recordings?

I created a dropbox app with writing permission. Then I edited .

 dropbox: {
        appKey: 'my_app_key', // Specify your app key here.
    //     // A URL to redirect the user to, after authenticating
    //     // by default uses:
       redirectURI: ''

then I install this package .

apt install jitsi-upload-integrations

then update "finalize_script" : "/usr/bin/"

I did not change any configuration in

But it is never uploading the recording to dropbox. Can someone help me to solve this issue.Thank you

Can you please stop with the multiple threads on the same issue? This is akin to spamming the forum. Please be considerate of everyone else.

extreamly sorry for that.I will continue with one.i was unble to fid solution thatiswhy I tried to explain in different ways

There are hints on two of those three posts…and I think if you search the forum/go through jibri logs, you would find more hints to solve the issue at hand…