How to configure client timeout in cases of network disconnection

Hi All,
Apologies in advance if this has been asked somewhere, I searched and couldn’t find the variable for it.
Essentially what is the variable name needs to be set on the client (or if not client where?) to specify the time out in case of network disconnection?
We have built our own front end using lib jitsi meet and essentially want to change the timeout that then triggers the track being removed from the Jicofo object, so that then our code on the relevant jitsi event will be triggered.

Thanks in advance!

This is by default for bosh connections 60 seconds (per bosh spec) and if you are using websocket that is a serverside configuration, but we also set it to 60 seconds.

Thanks for the reply
We are using websockets, do you know the variable name so we can look changing this or it’s not possible?

This is the default we recommended here in the forum, you should have in your prosody config:
smacks_hibernation_time = 60;