How to config OCTO

Hi @Boris_Grozev.
I installed 1 JVB on AWS. but when enter conference with this JVB then it can’t share connected to and other

JVB AWS on using ip 172.31.18.*
You can check it on 2 my system and

Thank a lot.


Hi Bui Xuain,

Did you resolve the problem?
I’m kind of stuck in the same situation, could you help me out with the config files?
Thanks in advance.

Can you please help me to fix this issue. Need to test that whether it's working or not after enabling OCTO . Thank you.

@akalana which version are you using?

@Bui_Xuan_Thu_n . Thank you very much for your reply. This issue is fixed. Need to setup Search GeoIP2

Hi @Bui_Xuan_Thu_n,

Could you please help to setup octo to multiple video bridges, I have single jitsi meet server in that jicofo and prosody running and have 3 video bridge servers (jvb). the current environment working fine. when we are creating multiple rooms with less members (20). But I am looking for single room can take 75 to 90 users and that room can use all my video bridge servers (jvb). For that we need to configure octo right.
I need your help how to configure octo in my current environment, is it octo installed or enabled default.