How to config OCTO

Hi Team.
I have 2 servers, 1 server installed full and another installed only jitsi-videobridge.
I did follow guide
but when i join conference i can’t view " connected to: " in interface connection.
-my jicofo config:

-my jicofo

-my jitsi-videobridge config.

-my jitsi-videobridge

Could you give me the detail way to config OCTO?

I could be wrong, but I think OCTO works properly if you working with HAProxy

@Tanvir Can you give me the way to set up HAProxy, thanks


my jitsi-videobridge

There’s a typo on the last line, which prevents the bridge from knowing its region.


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Hi @damencho Can you help me config octo?
Base on this guide, Can two clients join other jitsi-meet ( , in the same conference see and talk together?
If can, what is the way to config? Thank you

@Boris_Grozev can you give some more details here?

@Boris_Grozev can you help me ?

From the screenshots you posted, the last line of your reads “vorg.jitsi…” instad of “org.jitsi…”. Since this is the line that configures the region, it would cause the failures you describe. Without more details, this is my only guess.


Hi @Boris_Grozev.
Thank for answer .I edited it but OCTO not active.
You can give me the detail way to config OCTO?

Hi @damencho.
You can help me check all my config,maybe i can something miss?

Server 1, I installed full.
config_jvb2.txt (837 Bytes)
sip-communicator.properties_jvb2.txt (878 Bytes)

config_jicofo.txt (1011 Bytes)
config_jvb.txt (836 Bytes)
prosody.cfg.lua.txt (8.3 KB)
sip-communicator.properties_jicofo.txt (197 Bytes)
sip-communicator.properties_jvb.txt (871 Bytes) (1.7 KB) (14.0 KB)

Server 2, I only installed jvb and jitsi-meet.
config_jvb2.txt (837 Bytes)
sip-communicator.properties_jvb2.txt (878 Bytes) (14.0 KB)

I need when I visit conference I will using jvb(region161) on server 1 , using jvb(region185) on server 2.

Thanks for alot.

Hi Bùi Xuân,

Your jitsi-meet installation on the dev10 server seems broken. I’m not sure why. Have you modified index.html?

Note that the config files you posted contain some credentials and IP addresses.



Hi @Boris_Grozev, thanks for answering.
sorry, I did edit it. Now you can check again for help me.


The clients are configured correctly now (they have the two different regions in deploymentInfo and they enable octo), but jicofo doesn’t use the second bridge.

I don’t see anything obviously wrong in the config. You should look in the jicofo logs next. It could be that:

  1. The second bridge fails to connect to the XMPP server (because of e.g. a network problem)

  2. The bridge connects, but jicofo doesn’t know about it (you have the statistics ‘transport’ properties commented out, and I’m not sure how jicofo will behave)

  3. Jicofo knows about the two bridges, but chooses to not enable octo.



Hi @Boris_Grozev.
Here are my jicofo.log ang jvb.log. Can you check and give me some detail advise.

jicofo.log.txt (23.0 KB)



I checked list jvb connect then it has two jvb connected

Oh, here’s the problem: jicofo doesn’t know the bridges’ regions! You need to enable the stats (for example with pubsub) for that to work.


Hi @Boris_Grozev.
I don’t know how to enable the stats. Can you give me example, thank you?

@Boris_Grozev thanks for alot. it worked to me

Hi @Boris_Grozev.

I have a question. On mobile app have use config coto?.