How to config octo for regional load balancing with geoip2 and nginx?

Hi guys,
I have deploy jitsi meet with three videobirdge2 (in different city) in private network
want to config octo for regional load balancing,the server information as blow

  jms ( prosody,jicofo,meet-web,meet-web-config
  jvb1 ( videobridge2
  jvb2 ( videobridge2
  jvb3 ( videobridge2

first question should I need to install meet-web and meet-web-config on jvbs ?

configure the jms and three jvbs follow the document

right now, it seems work with the setting

bridge {
    selection-strategy = SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy

five people join the meeting,and they are in different videobridge2, but not the videobridge2 in the own region

it’s already configure the region information in "/etc/jitsi/videobridge/ "

in the guide Octo Cascade Bridges - here's how! FULL GUIDE - #88 by janpoo6427
janpoo6427 show a way with geoip

though my deploy is in private network, without AWS route 53
already add the private ip subnet ( geoip2 database
could somebody help me
how to configure the geoip2 in nginx for regional load balancing
maybe need to change the setting in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf on jms,but I’m newer to nginx
and where is the deploymentinfo (jms or jvb)?