How to config nginx for 2 region in Docker

Hi community,
I installed one JMS Server and 2 JVB with Dock.One JVB is for region1 and another is for region2.
These are what I configed

DEPLOYMENTINFO_USERREGION=<!--# echo var = "user_aws_region" default=""-->


set $"user_aws_region" region2

Then I restart the web service in container by command.

But when participants joined the conference,the log showed their region were null,and all of them connected jvb in region1.

I wonder how to config nginx correctly.

THe nginx config gets recreatred when the container starts up, are you sure your changes were applied?

I’m not sure.

What bothers me is how to config nginx in Docker if I want to let participants from different region connect the different jvb?

I also ran into this problem, how did you solve it?

You might need some sort of proxy in front of the Docker setup which would inject the deployment info in config.js.

Our current setup doesn’t allow for this.

Thank you for your reply!