How to config jitsi to force VP9, 1080p, 60fps in screen sharing?

What I want to achieve/host is a private game streaming community, around 5~10 members sharing their game sessions together and watching others. I would like to force jitsi to send 1080p, 60fps footage all the time, VP9 would be better since it uses less bandwidth. All of our members have decent connection so handling ~20Mbps of download per client won’t be an issue.

I’ve read discussions about setting constraints, capScreenshareBitrate, simulcast, desktopSharingFrameRate,, etc. and installed the latest nightly build, but I just can’t get a stable VP9, 1080p, 60fps screen sharing in calls.

The server’s hosted on digitalocean, with about 1Gbps up and down, CPU and memory usage don’t seem to be an issue here so I set a 2 core, 2GB ram instance for it. The closest setting I have currently is VP8, 1080p, 1~50fps, with simulcast off and fps really unstable. The highest bitrate I’ve ever seen is around 2800Kbps, and never higher than that.