How to config Jibri when using Nginx to serve Jitsi-Meet JS files


I run into a problem in Jibri (2018-05-09 version - without sessionId) unable to download Jitsi-meet JavaScript files served by Nginx. Here is my configuration: An nginx (external host name is as a web server provides all jitsi-meet JS files and acts a load-balancer to clustered XMPP servers. The XMPP domain is We also have Jicofo and JVB’s connecting to the clustered XMPP servers. This configuration works fine with conference calls. However, when we add Jibri to our environment, Jibri launches chrome and uses URL as in XmppUtils.getCallUrlInfoFromJid() CallUrlInfo(“https://$xmppDomain/$subdomain”, callName) and it fails. We would like the chrome to navigate to (the nginx web server) instead. How do we configure Jibri in config.json to access (the nginx web server)? We don’t see any property in config.json similar to “externalConnectUrl” in config.js. Any ideas?

We also want to provide multi-tenant SaaS, we would like that each recording session has its own external connect URL. That is, jibri1 accesses to and jibri2 accesses to Is Jibri capable to be configured to do that?