How to config google speech to text & translate

Hello, I’m newbie here, I created a topic about it on github issue: git hub. com/jitsi/jigasi/issues/188, I’m trying to modify Dockerfile to install jigasi from release code instead of apt repository, this is my file:

FROM google/cloud-sdk:latest
RUN uname -a && cat /etc/issue

RUN apt update && apt install wget openjdk-8-jdk maven unzip -y

RUN java -version
RUN mvn -version
WORKDIR /usr/src/

RUN wget
RUN tar zxf 245.tar.gz && ls -l && cd ./jigasi-245 && ls -l && mvn install “-Dassembly.skipAssembly=false” -T4
&& ls -l && cd ./target/ && ls -l && unzip && ls -l && cd ./jigasi-linux-x64-1.1-SNAPSHOT && ls -l

COPY /usr/src/jigasi-245/target/jigasi-linux-x64-1.1-SNAPSHOT/

COPY rootfs/ /
VOLUME /config

CMD cd /usr/src/jigasi-245/target/jigasi-linux-x64-1.1-SNAPSHOT/ && ls -l && cat && ./ --subdomain=focus --secret=s3cr37

I don’t know how to config domain, subdomain, secret, the logs output shows an error looply: connect timed out,, port:5347