How to collect and display data about conferences durations and participants' names?

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I hope I’m on the right place. I already checked for answers to my questions but couldn’t find any. Anyway, I apologise if I missed something, in this case, please point me to the source.

So I am working for a business customer that would like to supervise its Jitsi installation through a graphic tool like Grafana. There are several plugins that are able to do that. I also carefully listed the metrics that could be displayed through the following URLs:

Anyway, my business customer requires statistics about the conferences durations and I couldn’t find that type of data anywhere (except a metric displaying the total duration of all the conferences). It also whould like to display a list of conferences organisers/moderators. Is this somehow possible?

I thought that as Prosody displays the duration of the conferences and the names of participants into the Jitsi-Meet web interface it might be possible to collect those data and to send them to Prometheus or Telegraf/InfluxDB, maybe through a tool like StatsD, but I had not much chance when trying it, so any help is welcome.

Many thanks !

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Conference durations - Prosody plugin only stores timestamp of conference start and sends that information to client web app, that actually computes, updates and display conference duration in each client separately. There is no statistic about conference duration in my opinion. What you can probably do is write your own prosody plugin that will handle last participant leaving conference room (ie. end of conference), compute conference duration and update your metric. Lot of work here, i don’t know, whether something like this already exists.

As to other thing, i don’t think there is a way that will get you list of organisers/moderators other than writing your own prosody plugin, or use/modify existing one.
I would use mod_muc_size, which lists participants in room and modify it in a way, that will also return role of participant. Than you can make http get request and handle returned json how you see fit :wink: