How to cleanup Webmediaplayer

Dear all,
We develop a customized jitsi-meet GUI from the version 2.0.5390-3 (2/2020). It seems that with this version, whenever a participant reconnects (losing connection and reconnecting, or just refreshing the page), other participants in that room will see at least 2 more WebMediaPlayers; The obsolete ones (associated with the previous / already disconnected instance of the reconnecting participant) remain in the Browser with the “Pause” State

With the latest jitsi-meet 2.0.5870-1 original GUI, the above issue does not show up. For quick bug fixing , where should I check to benefit also from the new version at least this improvement? It is also possible that the issue doesn’t show up either in the jitsi-meet 2.0.5390-3, but I dont think that we modified deeply the core of meet-jitsi. In any case please give me some hints to check the cleanup process in jitsi-meet.
Many thanks