How to clean everthing

i had done mess while doing installing jitsi with jitsi meet token followed to many link
to configure this and now i am confused what to do now because it is still failing

can anyone tell me hot to start it from begin , and also wanted to clean the old packages kindly help me…

Clean install is the best approach

and how to clean all the previous installation and libraries that has been installed

Reinstall your OS

I had done a mess too. clean OS install is a good option.
I also followed a script for jitsi installation emrah script for jitsi installation where I used the initial cleaning part for cleaning when I didn’t want the full installation and it worked for me some times ago. Don’t know it is updated or not. The author of that link is an active user of this group and you can ping him if you think necessary.

Thank you for the response :slight_smile:
cleaning install worked for me