How to Check P2P is Enabled or Not when 2 People connected?

In our app we have installed Jitsi meet and We want to know whether P2P is enabled when 2 user joins the call. We found that we can track the status of our connection is either P2P or JVB by hovering over our local GSM bars. So we tried that and we get N/A values for all the field in Connection Stats Table. Can anyone please help us to find why I am getting N/A value or how to get that values.

Any errors in the console? Is websocket to the bridge working?

Thanks for your reply @damencho .
Now I am testing in localhost to find whether p2p is enabled or not. In localhost console, it shows that websocket are not enabled. What I have to do further?.

Nope, that is something else, you can ignore it.

How are you testing in localhost? Maybe ne upload here logs from a problem session.

Thank you for the prompt response.
Now I tested using our customized server and connected with two participants in the same network/devices in different browsers. I have checked in the console and received that Web sockets are enabled and it shows peer to peer connection is established. Is this enough for us to confirm that peer to peer connection is enabled in our server when two user joins a call. For your reference I have attached console log.

You and your colleague appear to be posting about the same issue. Please stick to one thread, no one needs to be going on a dog chase trying to assist with solving the same issue.

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Sorry for the inconvenience made by us. I am closing this post. Thank you for your replies. We will track on this following post.
How to enable p2p and show the remote address in Connection Stats Table?.