How to check if tile view or single participant

Is it possible to check with iframe api check if the user has tile view or has selected on participants in large mode?

I’m using the function captureLargeVideoScreenshot, but needs to know if a participant is selected first to capture the correct person.

You could probably listen to tileViewChanged and use that to update a var to keep track of current state.

You might be able to do something similar with dominantSpeakerChanged to work out who is currently speaking and likely to be displayed in large video. A few issues with inferring who is in large video based on dominant speaker:

  • when the local participant is speaking they will not be displayed in the large video.
  • won’t work if pinned participant
  • won’t work if another participant enabled follow me

Perhaps a more reliable way to ensure you know you are capturing the correct participant would be to explicitly set the participant using setLargeVideoParticipant?

Thanks a lot for the detailed response Shawn!
tileViewChanged looks like a perfect fit for the use case. Mainly used in two part calls, so tileview true/false is enough.

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