How to change visiting URL in Jibri


I’ve two different servers for meet and recording. I setup meet successfully and running with

My XMPP domain configured as, “”.

I setup recording on another server try to execute, found that visiting URL created wrongly.…, When I tried to open it, through me the error, I just add port number behind the domain should work for me. Like, where meet is running.

Any idea how can I change visiting URL ? I need to add port number behind the domain, where should I need to change it?

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Jibri uses this function XmppUtils to convert the “Jid”, that is made up of the roomname@muc, into the URL to join

So in your case to get the portnumber correct i think you can do it by changing the “Multi User Chatroom” muc name to also contain the portnumber. This is configured at two locations.
The prosody configuraton to setup the muc room and the jicofo configuration to join the same muc room.

Component "" "muc"

muc: ‘’

I changed in /etc/prosody/conf.d/ and /etc/jitsi/meet/*-config.js but nothing happen with recording same visiting URL without port 8000.

I tried to change in jicofo also but open popup like, I am the host

Can you guide,

Do we need to change anything at Jibri side also?

Component "" "muc"

muc: ‘’

Except these two do we need to change somewhere else too ?

if changing the configuration do not work, even after restart of jicofo and prosody… then…
I think you need to debug or simply hardcode your URL in

and build your own version of jibri, that will fix it

Thanks for the support. Got it working through the configuration.

I missed to update jibri configuration.