How to change video when somebody speaks


great works
and I’m confused in one question:
how to do when someone speaks and this show his video?
I find this TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED event, is you based on this?
is you calculate some time one’s speak audio levels , then compare someone’s audio is louder,and the screen show’s his video.
if you test in one room,and many peoples talks at the same time?
hope to your rely and thank you


The DOMINANT_SPEAKER_CHANGED event is being used. On web that eventually leads to a call to update who is shown on the screen,


thank you for your reply,with your answer,I have solved my question,thank you angain。
and I also have one question,I use rn with lib-jitsi-meet,but the remote video is so lagging,as lowDefinition,
so the remote track is I will handle the streams,
and now I put the streams in rn with rtcview


I’v done this! use selectParticipant api can solve this!