How to change video layout style?

I have built and run the jitsi-meet in my localhost. Now I want to change the video layout style like always moderator will be in left size with a fixed size. Is there anyone who made the change like this or any tutorial to customize the UI of Jitsi.

Thanks in advance

This is the same reason I am here – my project is to define several different ‘stage’ configurations and define the rules by which participants can change their state… not just a simple “tile view vs. active/filmstrip view” and not something that fits the ‘breakout room’ paradigm.

I’m not a react developer, so I’m stumbling through this… look at modules/UI/videolayout

Tweaking the jitsi-meet app to handle your video layout may be one option. It certainly benefits from a lot of features that have already been implemented well.

Another option might be to built things up from scratch, and the lib-jitsi-meet API might be a way to do that… I’m just starting to look at it now.