How to change URL subpath or port for Jitsi Meet on Apache

Hi there!
I have installed jitsi-meet following
It went ok and when i did:

sudo apt install jitsi-meet

I selected the name of my server URL and the self-generated certificate.
I have Apache2 installed and no Nginx, so I guess it went through the configuration of Apache.

However, I have other services on the server, and the default url is reserved for other use, which is still working when I go to the base URL, but I cannot see Jitsi at all.

When I check /etc/apache2/sites-enabled, I see a which I think is the config file for Jitsi. How must I change such file to make Jitsi available on a different URL or port? I don’t mind if it’s going to or anything else (a single port change would be enough). Is the change on such conf file enough?

Besides, I uninstalled jitsi as said in the above tutorial and tried to reinstall to see if I can change it in the config window but the window did not appear now, and i removed the conf files in apache :anguished:
Thanks a lot!