How to change URL in a Jitsi self-hosted?


I believe that my question is very simple, that I don’t know where to start doing changes.

I have a self-hosted Jitsi installed and working with a URL. But, this URL was temporary and now I have a domain. So, exists any thread or any post telling what are the files or directories that I have to change?

The only that I changed is the config.js file in /etc/jitsi/meet, doing a replace to change the old URL for the new.

Thanks in advance!

Well, looking at: the only that change is the config.js and then the Apache file. But, if I have to change the Apache file, I think that I have to make a new certificates, and this process is very hard…

So, the another question is to know if Prosody and Jicofo plugins still working or maybe I have to change anything else…

Hi @Ferran_Munoz

Did you achieve to change the url? And if so, how did you do it?


Hi @ArturoRejon

Sorry, I can’t help you because I changed the job and I don’t remember what I did. I no longer work with Jitsi…

Regards :wink: