How to change the Jitsi window default position for api jitsi meet?


I use JitsiMeetExternalAPI from The Jitsi window is alway postioned on the left top, whatever different tests (html with div, javascript, use Joomla CRM module and template to move it on the right…)
The api allows me to change the width and the height but it does not allow me to move it on the center, the rigth…
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You’ll need to take care of that using CSS on the page that has the iframe. You could let the api continue to append the iframe to the body and target your CSS to it, such as with a child selector (body > iframe). The approach I would take is using the api’s “parent” option to pass in an element on my page to append to instead of defaulting to appending to the body and using css to move my element where I need.


Hello Lenny8,

thank you a lot. I’m a little lost. Do you have a code example in order that I understand ?

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You’ll want to understand the different way to center an element horizontally using css and pick whatever suites your layout best. This is a good guide: Lots of what’s on css-tricks is good for immediate practical css use.


Hello Lenny8.
thank you a lot, I understood and it works perfectly!

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