How To Change Splash Screen & Logo?

hi, I have tried several ways to change the logo and splash screen, but still fail, please help me to change the image, thank you in advance.

Logo Ikon :

Splash Screen :

What did you try? You may need to compile/build your own Android app to change these things. Consider reading about the Android SDK

You need to change your assets like any other RN App.

On Andorid go to “android > app > src > res” and make your customization changes.

On iOS go to " ios > app > src > Images.xcassets " and make your customizations changes.

After youve made your changes, rebuild the App and your logo and splashscreen will be working fine.

If you’re using Jitsi SDK, just create the Splash at your own, but the files will be located on the same place.

how to change pict and writing where can i find the file?

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Woww Niceeee Thanks sir , i have 1 problem again ,how to change Link Playstore form this pict?

I’ve changed the link, but when I click on it from my cellphone, it’s still redirected to Jitsi’s Google Play, if to change the text “Join The Meeting Using app” where do you see it?

I’ve deleted the link.

but why when you click the “Join This Meeting Using App” button

the button still leads to the jitsi meet play store site

please help sir …

Do you see the change if you do

yes sir, logo and text success, but link playstore failed , button redidirect to playstore jitsi. :frowning: