How to change language of insecure room name

Hello there. I wanted to ask, how to change the language of insecure room name warning text?
By default now in server is Lithuanian language. Where i can found and change it?
Waiting for your reply!

If the key is missing you need to get it from main.json

and just modify it in main.json?

No, modify the the main json for the language you want.

Hm, doesnt work. I am doing normally? I found this line in main.json file and just where it is in english in this file i wrote in my language?

You need to create such a key in your language file and translate it.

it doesnt matter where this key should be in file? In the end of the file, or in the middle?

It should be in the same section security

so.if the section security isnt in main-lt.json, so i need to create fully from that file?


Thank you very much, @damencho !! :slight_smile: