How to change kernel in my azure vm for jibri installation

I am having difficulty in changing the kernel from cloud to generic in the VM i have to use to setup jibri, I have tried most of the solutions out there of changing GRUB_DEFAULT but have been led to not be able to restart my VM, causing crashing, Is there any concrete solution which anyone has applied here and has worked ? My kernel version is currently showing 5.15.0-1014-azure

You no longer need to do that if you use the Docker setup, it no longer needs the kernel module.

[Setup / Guide] Jitsi Meet Native + Multiple (6) Jibri Docker instances working on the same AWS server In this link only it says to change the AWS server to generic for using snd_aloop, while its on docker, tried this method but didnt help

That guide is outdated.

Any updated guide that i can use?

See this: Self-Hosting Guide - Docker | Jitsi Meet you no longer need any extra steps to be able to run multiple Jibri containers.