How to change http-bind to websocket for mobile?

hi, i changed http bosh (http-bind) to wss websoket in config file of react app. its working fine for web. i can start call over websocket but its not working for react-native mobile app. Should i change anywhere in react-native code?. Please guide me. Thanks

@saghul @damencho can you guys please help and reply ? Thanks

We are not ready to enable it on mobile yet.

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Thank you for response. So does it mean if we use websockets instead of http-bind it will not work on react native mobile application ?

Just enable both. Web will use one, mobile the other.

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Ok, I will try that. Thank you for quick response.

@Ghafar_Tanveer, @Amjad-finfirst Can you tell us a little about your use-case? We may be interested in exploring something similar.

Quanto é utilizado de dados móveis em uma hora de reunião?

is there any progress about enabling websocket for mobile :slight_smile:

No progress yet.