How to change device(s) (mic and cam) prileged access requirement by Jitsi?

Unfortunatelly I cannot change (not found) in Jitsi meet or videobridge config files to allow shared device access, such a microphone among running apps. By default Windows manage this feature perfectly. I can use same mic/webcam in multiple running apps including YouTube live broadcats. Pointing out it is not a browser based request/requrements. Jitsi (WEB and Jitsi-Meet desktop) wanted to have privilege on all requested devices.
In some circumstanes really hard to manage if users have running apps already which are using audio devices, especilally microphone. They’re need to perform close attempt on all running audiodevice capable apps to have Jitsi in working order.

I suspect you are talking about Linux. This is something handled by installing and configuring alsa or pulseaudio.
This is not a jitsi-meet specific thing, if you open you will have the same problem, isn’t it?

Not really Linux only, Windows have same issue. Thanks for your links we will test on Linux desktops. Yes the syphtome same.

For Windows users I found something called “Virtual Audio Cable” . One input (mic) and as many as you want outputs (virtualized microphones), then microphone as VAC device should be assingned to client apps. That’s freeware exept enterprise level.