How to change atlaskit colors / priority?


I want to make some color changes on an instance of jitsi.

I found most of the css properties I want to change in the scss files but there are still a few properties where I don’t see how I can override them, like for example the security dialog where the background color, for example is from the atlaskit theme.

As the classnames are created with some random characters, is there a way to take over the priority on properties WITHOUT using !important if possible ?

thanks !

Alas no, when overriding AtlasKit stuff you have to use !important. We have some overrides of our own for instance:

Sadly, thanks…
the “dynamic” classes (like .jIMojv in your link) aren’t really “dynamic” ?

They won’t be recreated with another build ?

Nope, they seem to be consistent, hence we hardcoded some overrides. Ugly, I know…

Yeah !
I’ll look into it then, thank you for the answers ! :slight_smile:

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