How to capture streaming URLs using videobridge?

Is there a way to view or capture the video URLs of conference participants and/or the final conference output using videobridge?
Thank you.

yiu can use jibri to record or livestream to youtube. what do you want to achieve?

I would like to have the option to send the video to Wowza or other streaming services.
Jibri is not practical and it requires a lot of resources and an instance for each conference.
Thank you

i dont think you have alternative. you can live stream to another service, though it still jibri (chrome+ffmpeg)

Broadcast Jitsi-Meet Conference to a website using a Media Server

Thank you. I will review it.

So there is no way to bypass Jibri and capture the streaming URL from somewhere else?

@damencho may have answered that somewhere else in this forum. it’s related to the way SFU works, cmiiw

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