How to cancel meeting room? Or lock wit a PW that doès not vanish whèn wè logout?

Is thèrè a simplè way to cancèl rooms aftèr using thèm? Or lock with a PW that doès not vanish whèn wè logout? Graziè

Rooms got destroyed the moment the last participant leaves, there is no persistence.

I still sèèm ablè to accèss old rooms I or anothèr crèator madè in thè past, èvèn if èvèryonè abandonèd it
I undèrstood this actually isn’t thè old room, only a nèw onè with thè samè namè, right? In fact thèrè nothing in chat, and it’s logic a nèw room has no PW whèn just crèatèd.
Thanks a lot

Yes I confirm room are persistent. And it is usfull sometime for periodic meeting. We re-use allways the same link. But for security it could be wrong
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pèrsistènt or not? I’m confusèd now

The room is not persistent. Even if you use the same name as previously, a new room is created just as it is the first time.

Otherwise settings like the password and such would not be reset as they are.

Hello, I have the same problem as GuidoGuiselli:
I have created a meeting room, we have used it, finished the meeting, but it it still possible to enter, you can check it:
I have tried to add a password, in order to control access, but this password disappears as soon as I close the room.
What can I do to cancel forever the meeting room or add a permanent password?

yes and the explanation by @Balu is still pertinent. There is no registration on, hence nothing is permanent. This behaviour is by design. If you want permanent rights, use your own server or a service allowing registration (8x8 or other providers)

Hi, I’ve created chat for videoconference we will have 20th may, I’ve send link to the relator for our connecting and we still use this chat, even if we go out, the day after we click on the link, we connect.
My question is: is possible one time finish the videoconference at 20th may, to cancel the link of meeting?