How to call a service like etherpad from lib-jitsi-meet

I am using lib-jitsi-meet and suppose my etherpad server is running in another port.
how can I implement a button in lib-jitsi-meet that will call the etherpad service to open a shared text editor in specific part in the UI ?
I integrated etherpad after quick install before.there-

  1. installed etherpad
  2. configured nginx which redirect the url-"/etherpad/" to localhost service specific port
  3. add “etherpad_base: ‘’” in domain.config.js and enable button in interface-config.
    my ques is how that part is handled where clicking the “open shared text editor” button go to etherpad_base and where?

if I just want to add a chatting in lib-jitsi do I really need etherpad or I can do it using prosody? if so then how?
Thanx in advance :heart:

Etherpad is out of scope of lib-jitsi-meet, it is collaborative document editing and has nothing to do with chat.

then how can I call a service (running on another port) by button pressing ?
If I want to add chat service what how can I use prosody to do so? I am confused where to start… plz give me some suggestions…
thanx :heart: @damencho

For chat, it is already available to use it using lib-jitsi-meet, there is send message or something like that in the conference and listeners for received messages.
Jitsi-meet is there to serve you as an example.

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thanx… somehow I missed that… :heart: