How to calculate total bandwidth and choose correct aws ec2 instance

I am deploying docker jitsi meet for a classroom . Total 40 participants. All are required to stream their video. Teacher streams both video and audio. How do I calculate bandwidth requirements for this deployment. I am trying to deploy and AWS instance for this and which instance matches the bandwidth requirement.

Is there any way to simulate this deployment to test the bandwidth used and the performance to benchmark an AWS ec2 instance for performance against 40 participants.


What are the resolutions that egress out from a participant’s video conference?

There is no way to calculate the exact bandwidth requirement. There are many parts that affect the result. You may measure it during a real session. IMO every AWS instance can handle 40 participants’ traffic

Thanks @emrah . Is there a way to simulate traffics for just 4 people.

Also what are the bandwidths or should I say bitrates of streams that go out of users conference to the server.


It’s possible to participate to the same meeting room using 4 browser tabs.

Sorry I meant 40 people.

Where and how to find bitrate of different streams too

Using a network monitoring tool like bmon