How to bypass the initial mobile screen?

Hello. I’m trying to setup a meet jitsi in my site, using the API.

Its required some options that suppresses some jitsi features. Like recording, broadcasting and some others. They must be not shown. We were able to find how to do this.

But there is another issue. The inicial mobile screen is quite confusing for some people. Too many options to choose from. The jitsi app doesn’t have good translation and also it shows the forbidden buttons (record and broadcast)

I’d like to have option to enter the conference link right away. With no middle screen.

Is it possible?

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Yes, @Oliver_prado this is possible for self-hosted servers. You will need to understand some basic html and javascript.

First read my post here: Change Text on Initial Page (Home)

The add this code to your javascript file. This would need to be evaluated after the page has loaded.

   if ($(".deep-linking-mobile__href").length > 0)
      var _href = $(".deep-linking-mobile__href").attr("href");

I just tested this as of writing this post and it works. Keep in mind that class names like .deep-linking-mobile__href may change in the future.


ok Thanks!

But I’m using API. Is not possible with API?

I can’t self host now, because It could be very demanding and we dont have the man power or the money to deal with it

Thank you @corby!
However, it doesn’t look to work for me (docker container v.5142).
body.html and index.html are tweaked but page is still not rerouted automatically to the room, see:
custom.js includes your code only
custom.css is for .welcome .header .header-text-title & .welcome .header .header-text:before
I get no error related to these files.

Any idea?

Inspect the “Launch in web” button. The id for that element has likely changed from deep-linking-mobile__href to something else.

Thanks again @corby!
I really appreciate.

Still no luck though.
Here’s the button:

<a target="_top"><button class="deep-linking-mobile__button deep-linking-mobile__button_primary">Launch in web</button></a>

I tried with each of the classes:

var _href = $(".deep-linking-mobile__button").attr("href");
var _href = $(".deep-linking-mobile__button_primary").attr("href");

Still not passing through.

Note there’s a _href div above the button, for the app:

<a target="_top" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="deep-linking-mobile__href" href="intent://;;;end"><button class="deep-linking-mobile__button deep-linking-mobile__button_primary">Join this meeting using the app</button></a>

Does it change a lot from your version?
Would you need all the buttons div code?

just noticed, there’s no href for the button anymore
Maybe I should downgrade … which version do you recommend?

In web/config.js
I changed line 576 to disableDeepLinking: true,
and it’s gone :slight_smile:

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Yes. You can do that too! :+1:

hey bro, i tried in file jitsi-meet-web-config/config.js, then i put disableDeepLinking value to true, but, nothing happed. do i need to restart something??? do i have the correct path?

thanks in advance bro,

Ok, i did it, edit in /usr/share/jitsi-meet-web-config/, then change disableDeepLinking value to true

restart all jitsi serivices and be happy:

sudo systemctl restart prosody.service
sudo systemctl restart jicofo.service
sudo systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2.service

:slight_smile: Cheers

A browser/app reload should be enough. This file is used by the client (browser, app).

You need to wait until document is ready.
Working script:

    $( document ).ready(function() {
	if ($(".deep-linking-mobile__href").length > 0)
     	 var _href = $(".deep-linking-mobile__href").attr("href");