How to bypass the initial mobile screen?

Hello. I’m trying to setup a meet jitsi in my site, using the API.

Its required some options that suppresses some jitsi features. Like recording, broadcasting and some others. They must be not shown. We were able to find how to do this.

But there is another issue. The inicial mobile screen is quite confusing for some people. Too many options to choose from. The jitsi app doesn’t have good translation and also it shows the forbidden buttons (record and broadcast)

I’d like to have option to enter the conference link right away. With no middle screen.

Is it possible?

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Yes, @Oliver_prado this is possible for self-hosted servers. You will need to understand some basic html and javascript.

First read my post here: Change Text on Initial Page (Home)

The add this code to your javascript file. This would need to be evaluated after the page has loaded.

   if ($(".deep-linking-mobile__href").length > 0)
      var _href = $(".deep-linking-mobile__href").attr("href");

I just tested this as of writing this post and it works. Keep in mind that class names like .deep-linking-mobile__href may change in the future.

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ok Thanks!

But I’m using API. Is not possible with API?

I can’t self host now, because It could be very demanding and we dont have the man power or the money to deal with it